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Branding Services

Graphic Design

Graphic design comes in many shapes and sizes, and our boundless ability means that we can likely complete any design project you throw at us. A few examples of projects we have done are product packaging design like take-out pizza boxes and sauce bottle labels, informative design like trail maps and restaurant menus, and apparel design such as t-shirts and lanyards. We are always looking for that next design project that will further our skillset.

Logo Design

Your brand, including the logo, is one of the most important features of your business. Not judging a book by its cover is for neighbors and literature. When it comes to your business, people are judging from the very first moment, and a large part of that is your logo. We deliver memorable logos and brand marks that are transferable and easy to notice and read. Having a professional logo does many things, such as increase your trust factor, add value to your brand, and make marketing easier. Our logos are designed to work with any advertising and marketing strategy. We render the logo or brand mark in multiple file formats to give you versatility, and deliver those files to you for your future needs.

Color Palettes

The colors that represent your business create a certain vibe to your product or service. Choosing the wrong colors can make your business less appealing, so if you are uncomfortable with color choice, or just want a professional opinion of your chosen color scheme, we are here to assist.

Slogan Development

Not every business needs a slogan or jingle, but we love to create them. Slogans have been done a million times over, so it's best to try to create one that says the most, in the least amount of words. When consumers are shopping your business, if you have a slogan that is meaningful and unique, it can add a certain degree of appeal to your company.

Trademarking & Copyright

Once you have your unique brand design in place, you may want to safeguard it by obtaining a trademark or copyright. We have experience working with the USPTO in trademarking logos and brand marks. It can be a tedious process in many situations, and there is a fine margin for error. Registration money can be completely wasted if you make one single mistake during the entire trademark registration. Although we hold no licenses or education in law, our level of registration ability has been likened to that of high-cost attorneys, but we charge a much lower cost for trademarking service.

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