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Frequently Asked Questions

Web Questions

Does my business need a website?

Most likely yes. We won't waste your time telling you how popular the internet is today. We find that clients purchase new websites or website redesigns for one or more of three reasons: 1. Attract more consumers   2. Increase brand value   3. Automate tasks and processes. We can accomplish any or all of these goals with a new website.

What is involved in building a website?

Our process for building websites begins with studying your business, market demographics and trends, as well as competitors. Then we develop a strategy for delivering your product or information to the web. Next, we design the aesthetics and information architecture for the site. Once approved, we begin the building process. After the final build is approved, we prepare the website for launch.

How long does it take to build a website?

Building a website can take anywhere from 2 weeks to several months, depending on size and complexity.

How many changes am I allowed to request?

We understand that this may be a new process for you and it's hard to plan everything in advance. Therefore, we do not necessarily limit changes to the design in progress. Simply put, we don't want to launch a site that the client isn't 100% happy with. Certain situations may incur extra costs, and will be discussed with you to reach an agreement.

Can you build a website that I can update myself?

Yes, with a few exceptions. When a client would like to update a website themselves, usually they need to update certain parts of the website periodically. We try to build thoses websites with special features, making it easy for you to update. When possible, we use popular third party applications like Facebook, Flickr, and more, to make your update process easier.

Can you use my existing domain name?

Absolutely. You can leave your domain registered where it is and we can point it to your new website, or you can transfer your domain to us and have all your website stuff in one place. You never have to worry about your domain expiring, or paying service fees to multiple providers.

Can I switch my website hosting to 460Designs?

Certainly, we would love to have you. Our website hosting is comprehensive and affordable. We provide many features that you won't find elsewhere, and many of those features are unlimited. We provide website analytic reports upon request, host unlimited email accounts and much more.

Will my website be found on Google?

Having high rankings with search engines like Google is not an automatic thing when we build your website. To achieve success in the search engines, you will need to purchase our SEO service. Our Search Engine Optimization service is guaranteed to provide desirable results or your money back.

How long does SEO take to have an effect?

Unfortunately, SEO does not realize overnight results. It can take anywhere from a week to a month or more for the search engines to increase your ranking.

How much does a website cost?

Websites range in cost just as widely as they range in complexity and size. Basic website projects start around $1200 and large, complex websites can extend up to $50,000 or more.

Design Questions

How many changes am I allowed to request?

As with websites, we do not necessarily limit changes to the design in progress. Simply put, we don't want to launch a product that the client isn't 100% happy with.

Can you use my ideas?

Yes, you are welcome to bring any sketches or notes on your ideas, and we will do our best to utilize them.

Can I use my logo design anywhere?

Yes, you will be able to use your logo anywhere you wish. You own the rights to the design.

What files will I receive?

You will receive multiple vector and bitmap files, each with a different usage purpose. You will receive .EPS, .PDF, .JPG, and .PNG, as well as any other file types that you request.

Will my logo be trademarked?

Your logo will not automatically be trademarked. However, we do provide trademarking service, and would be glad to help you secure your new design.

Do you print stuff there at 460Designs?

We do not do final prints in office, however we do print demos when possible. We can handle your printing needs though, and use a combination of local and online printing companies to achieve the best product at the best price for you.

Do you handle advertising?

We do not host or publish any advertising, we design the ads and marketing strategy, then work with you to find the best fit for airing ads like television commercials, radio ads, magazine ads, and more.

Photography Questions

Who owns the pictures you take?

After each photo shoot, we make a selection of images to release to client ownership, and our return rate is fair. At this time, we are considering more strict policies to help prevent misuse.

How do you charge for photography?

Our photography is billed differently, payment is required in full at time of service. We charge by the hour, and you can be confident that we are going to make best use of our time.

How do I prepare my product, food, or location for photography?

It all depends on the subject, we will have different tips for different items. The end goal is to make your items look their best, and to capture them from their best angle. To do this, we may customize backgrounds and settings, and we even provide food styling assistance. We will work with the chef to prepare dishes for the absolute best food photography.

Can I use my images in other advertisements?

Yes, the images that we release to you are usable anywhere you would like. To ensure best usage of your new images, we encourage you to let us handle all of your advertising design needs.

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