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Imaging Services

Product & Food Photography

Pictures are worth a thousand words, and if you give a salesman a thousand words to speak, chances for a sale are high. When we design advertisements and restaurant menus, we want the best images possible. That's why we use Jennifer Best of Main Street Photography in Dothan for all of our product, location, and food photography needs. We carefully seek out the best way to capture your product or location so that the image is a premium sales tool. We provide professional food styling and product preparation so photos are staged to look their best.

Promo Video Production

Promotional Videos

Promo videos are a very effective way of promoting a message or business, or disseminating information. We can film with network quality equipment; create 2D and 3D animations; create or procure music, voiceovers, and sound effects; and render the videos in several different formats. When possible, we will try to create the video with a 30-second segment that can be edited out for use as a television commercial.

Television Commercials

We are currently trying to expand our official service offerings to network quality television advertisements. We have the creativity, salesmanship, and equipment to develop very effective network quality television commercials. We can create 15, 30, and 60-second commercials, and work with the local networks to deliver files and make any necessary adjustments. Our first few television commercial ads will be provided at a discount while we show our talent, so give us a call now to see what we can do for you.

3D Product Demos

Do you have an existing product or a product prototype that you would like digitally rendered into an accurately scaled, three-dimensional object? We can provide this service at different levels depending on your budget. Anything from a basic object with a looped flyaround view in low detail to a graphic intensive, function demonstrating, accurate to scale render of a unique object. Many times, the demonstration video can even be made interactive for a greater impact on the viewer.

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