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We create attractive, responsive, HTML5/CSS3 websites, sure to look their best on any screen size.

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Complete brand design

Your business deserves expert brand design, and we can provide it.

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Commercial Photography

Product, location, and event photography

Our photographers will showcase your offerings to look their finest in print or digital reproduction.

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Commercial Product Photography

Website Design, Logos & Beyond...

We provide powerful, results driven web design & development, logo & graphic design, and commercial photography. When you're putting everything you have into your business, you want the very best of design to promote your brand or product. Our Website Developers and Graphic Designers can deliver complete business marketing designs. We encourage you to take advantage of brand image packages to create strong roots, and get your business started right. Packages can include essentials like logos, business cards, advertisements, photography, billboards, flyers, and more, that all match and deliver your brand well. Along with your custom website project, you can get full webmaster maintenance service.
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Web Service

Web Development

Website Design

We are dedicated to an entire web development process, resulting in rich user experiences—and it doesn't even start with design. However, design is definitely one of the most significant parts of developing for the web, and it is handled with great care by our team of dedicated designers. While staying true to your brand identity, we aim to create a visually appealing and effective website design. Maintaining the industry standards in user experience is an important part of the process for us, as is fulfilling your vision for your marketing design.

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Website Build

All of our websites are built using the latest stable industry standards for web development. Our websites are built with HTML5 and CSS3. When necessary, we use scripting languages such as Javascript and PHP. For Content Management Systems (CMS) and eCommerce, there are a range of great tools such as Weebly, Wordpress, and Joomla, of which we will help you identify the best solution.

Website Hosting

Once your site is built, it has to live somewhere, and that's where web hosting and 460Designs comes in. We will keep your website pages in a secure place with an incredible uptime guarantee, so the whole world can see them. 460Designs website hosting service automatically comes with unlimited storage, unlimited email accounts, unlimited subdomains, website analytics, and more, without any need to upgrade!

Domain Name Registration

As a new client of 460Designs, if you haven’t already registered your own domain name, we will be happy to provide registration at no upcharge to you. What we pay is what you pay. You have the option to register your domain name for one year or longer.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is a huge part of your online marketing success. “If you build it, they will come” does not apply to websites. An ongoing effort is required to ensure your website does well in the search results of all the major search engines. Google, Yahoo, Bing, and others' standards and algorithms change almost constantly, and proper search engine optimization will reflect the latest trends. Because of the magnitude of some SEO campaigns, we offer different packages to fit your budget requirements. This is an invaluable service and plays an integral part to the success of your website.

Website Analytics

Site analytics go hand in hand with a healthy SEO campaign. This is not an extra service you have to pay for, and it comes in two degrees—Basic Analytics that comes with our hosting service, and Premuim Analytics that comes with our SEO service.

Social Media

What started out as personal communications tools started to influence the business world, and you may find it wise to take advantage of some of the very popular social media tools available. Social Media websites like Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, and many more are consistently proving to be a good way for many businesses to expand their online presence.

Print Advertising Service

Print & Advertising

Brand Collateral

Almost every business needs branding collateral, such as business cards, letterhead, custom printed novelties, etc. This is one of the best and cheapest ways to get your brand identity out there. We will design all of your collateral to match existing brand image or logo.

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Flyers & Brochures

Brochures are a great way to deliver a lot of information in a small, portable design. Most brochures are bi-fold and tri-fold, but many other styles are available: z-fold, w-fold, and other cool folds. Your company may just benefit from such an advertising tool.

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Posters & Sign Design

When the word has to be delivered loud and clear, but you don't have a budget for billboard signage, posters and other wall signage are the way to go. Available in many sizes, with the most popular falling between 11x17 to 24x36. As with any of our print designs, we can recommend great print solutions, both online and local.

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Restaurant Menu Design

Designing menus and other print material for restaurants is all about making mouths water. That's exactly what we strive to do here at 460Designs. Everything from food styling for photography to the end design is provided by us, and every step of the way is handled with care. Our restaurant menus will help you make a great impression upon your guests.

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Banners & Billboards

The small stuff just won't complete the requirements anymore, and it's time step up the game—that's what billboards and banners are for. Command attention to your brand and feel confident that the people will know you're here. We will work with your outdoor advertising specialist of choice to get them your designs in the format they need. Whether it's traditional printed billboards or the new digital frontier, we have you covered.

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Radio Advertisements

When you're ready to round out your advertising campaign and get the word out as far and wide as you can, radio advertisements provide a great way to get there. We handle all aspects of your ad, including any copy, music, voice talent, etc., and we will even render in a format suitable for local FM radio broadcast stations. Please inquire for a sample of our work with radio advertisments.

Graphical Maps

Need a map? We can help. In situations that require GPS accurate plotting, we can provide GPS mapping, as well as the final design. No territory is too large. We have bicycle-mounted GPS units for covering medium scale distances, while still maintaining pinpoint accuracy. Other map styles are available, including amusement park maps, community maps, and more.

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Commercial Photography Service

Commercial Photography

Product Imaging

No matter what your product is, we can photograph it. Either your product can be brought back to our studio, or, for a little extra cost, we can come out on location with the proper equipment for your product. If your product is food-related, we have an excellent food artist who understands how to make food sell. Many situations benefit from props, and we can provide these props when necessary.

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Event Photography

Event photography is like no other commercial imaging. You get one chance to capture the moments that people want documented. Our photographer is well-experienced and prepared to get those special shots that only happen once. We are professional—we will come dressed for the occasion, and do our best to be largely unnoticed.

Location Photography

Trying to sell a prime piece of real estate? Advertising your place of business? Whatever your need for location photography, we can provide the best images for later viewing purposes. Understanding lighting, shadows, and geometrical spaces is what makes this type of photography difficult for novices. We will travel to many locations. Inquire if yours is within range at


Brand Identity Service

Logo, Brand, & Identity

Color Scheme Development

A great brand image starts with a great color palette. Colors have an unseen power, both by themselves and when combined. After a thorough effort to get acquainted with you, your business, and your visions, we will work with you to develop a set of colors you can proud to use in your company image.

Logo Design

Once you have colors, our logo designers can begin their process. This does not happen overnight, and a winning design is going to be the result of hours of research, designing, and consulting. Your finished product is going to be clean, legible, and up to industry standards. You will receive vector scalable files that you can use to apply your new logo to most any advertising of your choice. Your logo will be the face of your company and many times the first thing people see. We take great pride in carefully producing a great logo design.

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Slogan Development

Developing a slogan for your brand is a delicate process, and it can usually take at least a day to analyze your market and prepare a couple of options. Slogans should be short and memorable, making an impression on your target customer base that leaves them thinking of your brand later without much provocation. If your brand could use a slogan, see us for a professional, long-lasting solution you can be proud to repeat over and over. Ask for examples of past work.

Trademark Registration

Once you have a brand in place, you may want to make sure nobody else can use it also. Or even worse, trademark it themselves and then force you to stop using it. Registering trademarks with the United States Patent Office is a highly complex, tedious, and delicate task that, if not done right, can end up costing you more money in the process. We are proud to say that we confirmation from the USPTO that our level of accuracy in registering marks rivals that of the much more expensive trademark attorneys. Instead of paying thousands to another entity, allow us to register and protect your brand at an affordable cost.

Promotional Videos

Whether your target audience is web-based, email-driven, or on location, we can provide the necessary promotional video to fit your needs. All audio is provided including voice-overs, background music, corporate jingles, and sound effects. Any type of movie format can be provided including user-interactive Flash®-based applications. Photography can also be provided for any project. Filming is currently done stationary with a Hi-Def DSLR. Complete post-editing and composition is done right here in our studio.

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Web, Logo, & Graphic Design Portfolio

Below is a brief collection of our work. You will find some examples of website design and development, branding and logo design, graphic design and commercial photography. If you would like to see more, including radio ads, color schemes, apparel, and any other type of design, contact us at office@460designs.com.

Dog Breeder Web Project

Logo & Website Design, SEO, Hosting, Social Media, Photography

ClientHidden Creek Boerboels | Dothan, AL
SkillsResponsive, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, SEO

This project was a new design, as a replacement to the previous site design. A complete market analysis, information architecture, page design and development, SEO, and hosting all provided on this project.

CSS Nomination Badge
Mountain Biking Club Web Project

Website Design, Hosting

ClientS.A.M. Dothan | Dothan, AL
SkillsResponsive, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript

Complete website redesign, based on the existing logo. One page, full fluid web project, with information architecture, page design and development, and hosting all included.

Yoga Studio Web Project

Website Design, SEO, Hosting

ClientDianna Wells Yoga | Dothan, AL
SkillsHTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, SEO

This project was a new design, as a replacement to the previous site design. A complete market analysis, information architecture, page design and development, SEO, and hosting all provided on this project.

Dog Breeder Web Project

Logo & Website Design, SEO, Hosting

ClientSeaworthy PWD | Gainesville, FL
SkillsAdobe Flash, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SEO

This project was a new design, as a replacement to the previous site design. Collaborative efforts with Pluma Verde 3D for the dog sequences.

Site Design Award Badge
Dog Breeder Web Project

Website Design, SEO, Hosting

ClientPropheSea Portuguese Water Dogs | West Palm Beach, FL
SkillsFlash, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript

This project was a new design, as a replacement to the previous site design. Page design and development, SEO, and hosting provided on this project.

Restaurant Equipment Web Project

Logo & Website Design, SEO, Hosting

ClientChill Soft Serve Machines | Dothan, AL
DateJuly 2012
SkillsHTML, CSS, JavaScript

This project was a new design. Page design and development, SEO, and hosting provided on this project.

Frozen Yogurt Web Project

Website Design, Hosting

ClientSugga Berries | Enterprise, AL
SkillsHTML, CSS, JavaScript

This project was a new design. Page design and development, SEO, and hosting provided on this project.

Frozen Yogurt Web Project

Website Design

ClientYogurtree | Doylestown, PA
SkillsHTML, CSS, JavaScript

This project was a new design. Page design and development and SEO provided on this project.

  • Dog Breeder Web Project

    Responsive HTML/CSS

    Hidden Creek Boerboels

  • Mountain Bike Club Web Project

    Responsive HTML/CSS

    S.A.M. Dothan

  • Yoga Studio Web Project

    Responsive HTML/CSS

    Dianna Wells Yoga

  • Dog Breeder Web Project

    Flash with HTML

    Seaworthy PWD

  • Portuguese Water Dog Web Project

    Responsive HTML/CSS

    PropheSea PWD

  • Ice Cream Equipment Web Project


    Chill Soft Serve Machines

  • Frozen Yogurt Web Project


    Sugga Berries Frozen Yogurt

  • Frozen Yogurt Web Project



  • Sixteen Strings Quartet Logo Design

    Logo Design

    Sixteen Strings Cello Quartet

  • Boerboel Breeder Logo Design

    Logo Design

    Hidden Creek Boerboels

  • Aquarium Designer Logo Design

    Logo Design

    Aquariums by Will

  • Neighborhood Association Logo Design

    Logo Design


  • Cool Cats Logo Design

    Logo Design

    Cool Cats Computers

  • Restaurant Logo Design

    Logo Design

    The Baked Spoon Restaurant

  • PWD Logo Design

    Logo Design

    Seaworthy PWD

  • HOTS Logo Design

    Logo Design

    HOTS Oven Works

  • Tax/Accountant Logo Design

    Logo Design

    Action Tax & Accounting

  • M.U.S.A.C. Logo Design

    Logo Design


  • Chill Logo Design

    Existing Logo Addon

    Chill Hawaiian SNO

  • Orchestra Wall Poster

    11x17 Wall Poster Design

    Wiregrass Youth Symphony Orchestra

  • Cattle Market Brochure

    Trifold Brochure Design

    Cattle Market U.S.A.

  • Chill Yogurt Banner

    24x36 Banner Design

    Chill Hawaiian Sno

  • Hidden Creek Business Card

    Business Card Design

    Hidden Creek Boerboels

  • Dothan Trail Head Map

    36x36 Trail Head Kiosk Map

    Dothan City Leisure Services

  • Pizzeria Takeout Box

    Take-Out Pizza Box Design

    Chill Pizzeria

  • Seafood Restaurant Menu Boards

    Restaurant Menu Board Design

    Gulfside Seafood Grill

  • Water World Flyer

    8.5x14 Flyer Design

    Water World Water Park

  • Action Dealership Newspaper Ad

    Newspaper Ad Design

    Action Pontiac GMC

  • Hidden Creek Pet Photo

    Pet Photography

    Dog photographed, edited into background

  • Jewelry Store Product Photo

    Product Photography

    Taken with controlled lighting in a photo booth

  • Chill Yogurt Food Photo

    Food Photography

    Food styling was also provided by 460Designs

  • WetPets Pet Photo

    Pet Photography

    Uncontrolled, artificial lighting in their habitat

  • Chill Pizzeria Food Photo

    Food Photography

    Food styling was also provided by 460Designs

  • Total Therapeutic Management Video

    Web Based Promotional Video

    Total Therapeutic Management

  • Chill Yogurt Video

    On Location Promotional Video

    Chill Yogurt

Meet The 460Designs Team

David Lavoie

Website Designer

I started the business in 2004 with a passion for effective, intelligent design and a mission to help businesses reach their true advertising potential through a visually appealing user experience. I have a clear understanding of business communicatons and sales practices, in addition to a love for art, which enables me to learn and share the wonderful art of advertising design.

Designer • Developer

Joshua Inman

Website Developer

I was recently invited to join the 460Designs team after completing Web development and coding courses within my Computer Technology Integration curriculum at Guilford Tech in Jamestown, NC. Through college and working with 460, I’ve learned to build valuable and dynamic websites. I'm constantly working on bettering myself as a Web developer and sharpening my skills in coding and design.

Web Developer • SEO Analyst

Karen Lavoie

Graphic Artist

I first dipped my feet in the electronic design pool at the University of Baltimore in Maryland, where I achieved my degree in Corporate Communications. I find it exciting and magical to help bring people's creative ideas to screen, and am constantly searching for inspiration to bring to my designs. You may create your own reality, but we create designs from your visions.

Graphic Designer • Brand Designer

Jennifer Best

Commercial Photographer

I started my photography career in 2005 with Best Photography, my portrait studio in Dothan, Alabama. I've worked in several fields of photography and with several great companies that have helped make me the versatile artist I am today.

Commercial Photographer • Image Editor

Standards-driven, award-winning websites, with dedicated customer support.

Reviews From Our Clients

“David Lavoie did an outstanding website for me many years ago that is still garnering compliments from those who access it. It is innovative and different than typical websites in that the intro page catches everyone's attention and makes me and my dogs memorable. David is creative, thorough, and easy to work with. I am extremely proud to have a website designed and maintained by him.”

Mary S. Web Client

“My business was one of the first 460Designs built a website for, the quality is great and the service is very professional. Updates are always done in a timely manner, which is really important to my business.”

Allan K. Web/Photo Client

“We have worked with David for several years, and he consistently strives to please his clients. We appreciate his creativity and willingness to adjust as our needs may change. His no nonsense easygoing approach is refreshing in the design world.”

Dena M. Web/Print/Photo/Video Client

“At the suggestion of a friend, we reached out to David and 460 Designs to set up a new site for our hobby/business. We knew absolutely nothing about setting up a website, but of course we wanted it to look beautiful and effectively promote our company - all at a reasonable price. Not only did we get everything we wanted, we got more. We would recommend David without hesitation.”

Barbara W. & Joyce P. Web Client

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